Set in the living room of recovering drug addict Frank (James Lance) and his partner Katie (Indira Varma), who, as she admits, is addicted to addicts, the main source of tension is whether or not the former can stay clean.

Friends Rosanna (Lesley Sharp) and Deanne (the impressive Lisa Palfrey), invited round to watch the X Factor and enjoy a spot of dinner, provide the light relief, though it's clear from the start at least one is battling her own addictions.

It all plays out like a dysfunctional Friends, with Rosanna as a kind of Cockney soothsayer and Deanne as the Welsh Joey, and there are some genuinely funny moments - particularly when the foursome are discussing the perfect mixer for whisky or why Simon Cowell would make the perfect husband.

Unfortunately Frank's too one-dimensional to maintain our interest in the will-he-won't-he plotline and Katie frequently sounds like she's quoting from a self-help book or being used as a mouthpiece for Grosso's own moral viewpoint.

If you can forgive her sounding like she's just stepped off the set of Gavin and Stacey (and I'm not just talking about the accent), Deanne's probably the only character you'd invite round for tea.

She steals all the best lines and you genuinely care about her battle with booze, but she's probably more an advert for hitting the bottle than the reverse.

While the four friends are generally good company throughout the two-and-a-half-hour running time, as with many a booze-fuelled night there's not a lot you'll remember the morning after.