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Primark Beauty and the Beast range sending shoppers into meltdown- and it's not even out yet

From a Mrs Potts teapot for £10 to the Chip mug making a comeback, Primark has Disney fans swooning

Primark has released this amazing duvet set(Image: Primark/ Disney)

Remember Chip gate ? Well it's about to get a whole lot worse for Disney fans...

Primark has announced they are releasing a whole host of new Beauty and the Beast goodies and they're all amazing.

The homeware line promises to get people all worked up again with its Disney budget items.

Mrs Potts moneybox(Image: Primark/ Disney)

The Chip mug is making a comeback still costing £5, but that's not what's really grabbed everyone's attention - there's a Mrs Potts teapot for £10.

Yes, you heard that right.

Both are available from September.

Not only that but there's a duvet with the enchanted household objects adorning it and a Cogsworth Clock for £6.

Cogsworth clock(Image: Primark/ Disney)

The Rose cup is £4, and Mrs Potts moneybox is £8.

If you can't wait, the (£6) duvet cover and throw will be out in August.

The Beauty and the Beast cup looks like the magic Rose - and is similar to the Disney version(Image: Primark/ Disney)

The Chip cushion is coming out next month and is only £4.

We need everything. Now.

Some Beauty and the Beast lovers took to Twitter to share their excitement (read: desperation) over the release of the new homeware range.

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