Animal Alpha You Pay For The Whole Seat But You'll Only Need The Edge Album Racing Junior Records May 19

Norwegian metallers Animal Alpha release their debut UK album.  A typically European rock record, it's stuck somewhere between Black Sabbath and The Disturbed, and fronted by a woman bearing an uncanny likeness to Annie Lennox.

But put all that aside and it's not all bad. Rolling guitars are broken up by Agnete Kjolsrud's vocals. At her best she sounds like be your own PET's Jemima Pearl Abegg - she could curdle blood and reaches notes that you wouldn't have thought possible. Highlights are Breed Again and Tricky Threesome - both tracks that showcase her vocal range and are less reliant on tired metal-by-numbers guitar crunching. But by far the most entertaining thing about the album is the amusing song titles. Clearly lost in translation, we're treated to Fire! Fire! Fire! and Marilyn Love Doll.

Ministry of Sound Chilled 1991-2008 Album Ministry of Sound May 19

AS SUMMER looms, so too does the onslaught of chill-out compilations. Pipping the others to the post is the Ministry of Sound's latest collection.

It spans the history of the legendary club from The Orb and Everything But The Girl to more recent hits from Peter, Bjorn and John and Basement Jaxx.

Its three discs plough through the depths of their DJs record boxes, digging out gems including Mylo's In My Arms, Jose Gonzlez's Heartbeats, Underworld's Second Hand and Lemon Jelly's His Majesty King Raam.

It also drags out tracks by Badly Drawn Boy and Radiohead. Perfect for summer parties and long, lazy days when you can't quite decide what to put on.

The Futureheads Radioheart Single Nul Records May 19

SUNDERLAND punk-pops The Futureheads bounce back from a record company fall out with a self-released record that marks a return to form.

As bouncy and anthemic as 2004's self-titled debut, it sets the tone for their third album, This Is Not The World, which is released next week.

Clean drums, simple riffs and a light-hearted sneer, it's everything fans have been waiting for.

As with last their last single, The Beginning Of The Twist, the volume's turned up a notch, the choruses are catchier - there's a zest for life that seems to go hand in hand with their new found DIY punk ethos.

It feels like a record they've been desperate to make.