SCI-FI films not your bag? Think again. That's what Louis Savy said to his friend Suzanne seven years ago. She was working in PR, and he was in need of a challenge.

"You do the PR and I'll put together a sci-fi film festival," he said. Seven years later, the fiveday festival draws crowds of thousands; the two are married and share their success with Lily and Saskia, their two young daughters.

"It's a true geek's fairytale," says festival director Louis.

But beside the romance, the breadth of the festival is the key.

Delightful art-house films such as Argentina's La Antena (and Japan's Dai Niponjin mix with children's screenings of The Wizard of Oz and back-to-back all-nighters for adults.

Geek or not, don't miss out. 

* Sci-Fi-London, April 30-May 4, Apollo West End, 19 Regent Street, SW1. See