Visitors to Brent Artist's Resource Spring 2008 Exhibition will be struck first by the variety of themes and styles on display, then by the sheer quality of the works.

The airy, one-room gallery is crammed from floor to ceiling with paintings and sculptures by artists of all ages and abilities.

Post-modern abstracts are displayed next to traditional landscapes; still-life portraits and watercolours are mixed with prints made using the latest digital technology. It really is a visual feast.

But despite this variety, all the pieces have one thing in common - all of them have been created by local artists.

Curator Lorenzo Belenguer explains the idea behind this season's collection. He says: "Essentially, there is no theme. The artists were free to contribute whatever they wanted. It's very democratic as there is a mix of high level artists and artists who are just beginning."

The Brent Artists' Resource, based in Willesden Green Library Centre, has 170 members and was established to provide a venue for struggling artists to display their work.

Running for two decades, popular demand led to the construction of a new gallery two years ago. Since then the gallery has gone from strength to strength and it is easy to see why - there is a great deal of talent on display here.

A highlight of the exhibition is John Blandy's pastel landscapes. Trained at the Royal College of Art, Blandy's work is highly accomplished and has received a great deal of critical acclaim.

Peter McCann's high-impact abstract canvasses are also well worth viewing, as are many of the contributions from lesser-known but equally gifted artists. All artworks are for sale and the gallery takes no commission. Who knows - you may discover the next Damien Hirst!

John Hayward

* The gallery is open 2pm-6pm daily. Call 020 8459 1421 or see