BRENT will be breaking down the barriers to the art world by launching its third very own Brent Affordable Art Show - just in time for the Christmas season.

The unique month-long fair will take place at The Gallery at Willesden Green, and many pieces on show - potential presents perhaps - will have a price tag of less than £100.

It will give visitors the opportunity to enjoy and purchase an eclectic collection of artwork, from paintings and sculptures to photography and prints from one of London's most vibrant and culturally diverse communities.

Lorenzo Belenguer, co-ordinator of the gallery, said: "Due to the credit crunch we have seen an increase of visitors looking for original artworks at a more affordable price by emerging artists.

"People have started to look more to local businesses."

Among the exhibitors is Iranian photographer Pirasteh Gourang, who is now based in Walthamstow, east London, and likes to photograph landscapes and document social issues.

She said: "I am excited to exhibit my work. It will allow me to talk to people and connect with other artists."

Visitors will also find items from Renata Cygan, a 41-year-old Polish artist from Watford, Hertfordshire, who describes herself as a full-time artist, photographer and a graphic designer.

She said: "My hand-painted vases are popular because of their uniqueness. At the art fair I will be selling painted glass, jewelery and cards."

The Brent Affordable Art Show was set up to inspire new audiences to familiarise themselves with contemporary art in the area in a creative and relaxed environment.

It runs daily from 2pm to 6pm until Saturday, December 19, at The Gallery at Willesden Green, Willesden Green Library Centre, High Road, Willesden Green. 

For more information, call gallery co-ordinator Lorenzo Belenguer on 020 8459 1421 or email