Wealdstone FC say that playing at Prince Edward Playing Fields is 'still a live option' for the club, despite their recent move to a new home at Grosvenor Vale, Ruislip Manor.

The stadium planned at the 44-acre site in Edgware was earmarked for use by the Stones but, following delays to the project, which is being completed by Barnet FC, a Wealdstone consortium took over at Ruislip Manor - and the club will use that as their home ground from next season.

Barnet this week announced that work on the first phase of the Prince Edward development is now set to start, subject to Football Foundation approval.

The club's financial contribution to the project is now in place, legal contracts with Harrow Council have been finalised, planning permission has been obtained, and the builders are ready to begin.

The work will take 22 weeks to complete.

The development will provide much needed sporting amenities for the community in the Borough of Harrow, as well as training facilities for Barnet, Barnet Ladies, Barnet Youth, Wealdstone, and other local teams in the borough of Harrow.

Wealdstone said when they moved to Grosvenor Vale that they had not abandoned Prince Edward, but that its use would be subject to conditions being favourable for the club. That position remains the same.

In a statement released following Barnet's announcement, Wealdstone chairman Howard Krais said: "The overall situation with PEPF remains largely unchanged as far as Wealdstone FC is concerned.

"Negotiations over the site, and Wealdstone's involvement with it, are taking place with Barnet, altxxxgh not at any great speed.

"We note that funding still needs to be fully obtained and finalised and this has remained the position for some time, and the statement released this week is similar to those previously issued.

"The only difference as far as Wealdstone is concerned is that we now have an option in Grosvenor Vale that we didn't possess before.

"We remain very firmly of the view that taking up that option was right for the club to have some short term security at the very least, but no options have been ruled out and playing at Prince Edward is still a live option."

The club will relay any further available information on Prince Edward at their forthcoming AGM on June 11.