GARY Cahill blames himself for the mountain Chelsea have to climb against Napoli on Wednesday night.

But the defender, who made his Champions League debut in the 3-1 first leg defeat at the San Paolo Stadium last month, wants to see improvements across the board when the Italian team visit this week.

The level of Cahill's frustration at his own, and his defensive colleagues' performance, was clear when the third Napoli goal went in on that wet and windy night.

TV cameras zoomed in on his face to reveal him shouting an exasperated 'how bad?' The moment is fresh in the Yorkshireman's mind.

He said: “I remember that goal and I tend to react by shouting something whenever a goal goes in.

“Defensively on the night we were poor and I was a big part of that. But we are getting a bit more of a relationship, a bit more defensive solidity.

“We did well against Stoke and the other night against Birmingham as well. Hopefully it is a turning point for us. Results have gone well for us the last couple of games.”

Despite many blaming a mix-up between David Luiz and Petr Cech for that third goal, Cahill insists on laying the blame closer to home.

“I’m shouting at myself,” he says of the incident. “It’s just a reaction I have. I wave my arms up in the air as well and I should probably concentrate on not doing it, but it’s just how I’m like.

“Conceding goals is not a nice feeling and on the night everything went wrong that could have gone wrong. It wasn’t a pleasant debut in the Champions League and hopefully we can put that right.” 

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