Reading that two young people from Chiswick were selected to carry the Olympic Torch through central London, would it not have been good if they had been able to run through their own borough.

Once again, those arranging the route for the run, have ignored the Borough of Hounslow, and I find this an affront to the young people and indeed all the residents of Hounslow and Hillingdon.

Four years ago for the games in Greece, the Olympic flame was brought to Heathrow Airport, and if I remember correctly, there was a guard of honour of local children at the aircraft. Then it was spirited away by car to Wimbledon to start the run, ignoring our local community.

Again this year, to Heathrow by air, then into a car to Wembley. No guard of honour from the local schoolchildren, no torch being seen by those living in the area, and yet Lord Coe and his committee expects us to take an interest in the Games in London four years time.

Apart from the demonstrations which have marred this year's run, I think that our area has again been insulted, yet we are being forced to pay a levy through our Council Tax towards the next Olympic Games, which most of us will not see anyway.

In Australia, for the wonderful Sydney Olympics, it was arranged for the torch to go right round that great continent so all could feel part of the event.

It was even carried through Wattamondara, New South Wales and its population of less than 150, and they now call the route taken Olympic Way.

Why then, did the Olympic Flame bypass the Borough of Hounslow and its far more numerous citizens?

In the past, the baton for the Commonwealth Games has passed through our streets, with an escort of members of youth organisations and schoolchildren on its way to the airport, which gave them a great thrill and life-long memory.

I hope that the organisers of the London Olympics can assure us that we will not be ignored again in 2012.