They say you have more chance of winning the lottery than scoring a hole in one in golf, but for three lucky players at Centenary Park par three golf course last Saturday that dream become a reality.

Chi Wan, J Masters and Ernie Smith each landed an ace while playing the short but testing nine-hole course located in Culver Grove.

For Masters and Smith their joy was shared on the same hole - number two - nicknamed amelia.

Remarkably, txxxgh, Wong scored not one but two holes in one during his round. His aces came at hole three, coined 'Tricky,' and hole five, dubbed 'Shortcomings.'

Course manager Darragh Mooney was amazed at such a rare feat.

He said: "Class golfers go through their whole career and never land a hole in one so to have three people do it at Centenary in such a short space of time is startling yet alone Mr Wong's achievement of two aces. I bow down to such brilliance."

If you fancy trying your luck at scoring a hole in one at Centenary Park then pop along any day to the fun course, located in between Stanmore and Kenton. For more information contact the club on 020 8907 5544, or log onto