Battery technology is at the heart of developments in the world of EVs. Never was that better illustrated by this revised version of the i3 – whose main headline is a 65% increase in range.

This comes courtesy of a new 94Ah battery, which arrives with an improved charging system allowing you to put up to 100 miles’ worth in it in as little as forty minutes. That’s in the real world, too – the new i3’s official range is 195 miles but BMW says that with the heating or air-con in operation, a full charge will last for just under 125.

Elsewhere, it’s as you were. Which is no bad thing, because despite its harsh ride on the worst of Britain’s roads the i3 is like a magic carpet on smooth tarmac.

Obviously, there’s a catch in that one. But be in no doubt that where conditions permit, you can get some strong performance out of this car. The 168bhp, 184lb ft electric motor leaps into life at the first touch of the pedal, providing a level of instant acceleration you’ll struggle to match in more or less anything else on four wheels.

It does this in an atmosphere of zen-like calm, with little in the way of wind or tyre noise and of course nothing so uncouth as an internal combustion engine to upset you. So you glide along as quickly as you want, with a high-set cabin providing an excellent all-round view of the traffic or scenery.

That’s how it was before the upgrade, and how it still is now. The difference being that with the new battery, you can enjoy the view for that much longer between charge-ups.

If you already own an i3, the 94Ah upgrade is available for retro-fit. At about six grand, however, you’re probably better off buying a whole new car – though at £27,830, or £30,980 with the optional petrol-driven Range Extender, it’s hardly cheap to do it that way either.

The latter gives you a range of more than 215 miles in the real world, however, so it certainly makes a case for itself. As does the i3 as a whole, even at this price. Its short proportions and awkward rear access aren’t the stuff of A1 family motoring – but if you can make it work for you, it’s a very modern, very appealing way of getting from A to B.

2016 BMW i3 94Ah

Location: Munich

On sale: Now

Price: £27,830 (after £4500 government grant)

Engine: BMW electric motor

Power: 168bhp at 4800rpm

Torque: 184lb ft

Gearbox: Single speed

Kerb weight: 1195kg

0-62mph: 7.3sec

Top speed: 93mph

Range: 195 miles (claimed)

CO2 rating/BIK tax band: 0g/km, 7%;