FAMILIES in Chiswick have blasted the council for cancelling Zippo's Circus this year but allowing two fun-fairs back.

Following a consultation on community events in January, Ealing Council have decided to half the number of events on Acton Green to two, controversially leaving out Zippo's Circus and only cutting one troublesome fun fair.

Lucy Cornish, a mum of two who lives opposite Acton Green in South Parade, Chiswick, believes the council is getting confused with what the residents want by removing Zippo's from their 2010 events roster.

"Zippo's have been coming here for 15 years and always keep the place spotless, are polite, always very charming and make hardly any noise.

"The fairs in comparison boom out pop music till late at night and petty crime and litter rockets. Everybody complains about the fairs but nobody has ever said anything bad about the circus.

"The consultation didn't even mention Zippo's, it's such a shame they aren't allowed back."

Martin Burton, founder and director of Zippo's, told the Chronicle how saddened he is by the council's decision.

"I am very disappointed that Zippo's wont be in Chiswick in 2010, we really look forward to visiting and have a lot of friends who bring their families every year," he said.

"I have no idea why the council has chosen to put in two fairs and no circus at Acton Green but I think it shows they don't understand that the local population, who tend to be families, actually want the circus to take place.

"I don't think this is what the locals wanted or were expected from the consultation – two fairs and no circus."

Although Zippo's was not included in the consultation Ealing Council say 19 of the 20 responses were in favour of less events on the common.

A Council spokeswoman said: "We're keen to hold events in our parks and open spaces, but the companies taking part need to take measure to ensure they don't spoil the environment.

"After Zippo's Circus left the site last year we had some serious concerns about the state the ground was left in and the amount of litter.

"Officers are in discussion with Zippo's and if the circus reassures us that it will take action to prevent these problems reoccuring they may be included in future events programmes."