A WORKER ran into a pharmacy screaming for help after his colleague fell off the back of a lorry on an industrial site on Tuesday afternoon.

The man who works for Gowing and Pursey waste management at 307 Horn Lane, Acton, was believed to be covering up a skip when he fell off the lorry, smashing his helmet as his head hit the ground 10 to 15 feet below.

Stunned colleagues watched in horror as the 39-year-old screamed with pain and blood poured from his nose and head.

One ran into the nearby Jallas Pharmacy and Sam Akhlaghi, a student pharmacist, was one of the first to help the injured man.

Mr Akhlaghi, 37, said: "I had just completed a first aid course and I made sure to hold the man very still as he had blood pouring from his nose, which indicates a head injury. I wanted to make sure his neck injury didn't transfer into a spinal injury.

"He was in a lot of pain and I talked to him, asking him lots of questions to make sure he didn't fall into unconsciousness. I just wanted to help him. It's not a nice thing to see someone in pain and covered in blood."

An air ambulance and two other ambulances were called to the scene just before 4pm.

The man was airlifted to The Royal London Hospital, suffering head injuries. The site was cordoned off by police but reopened on Thursday morning.

An inspector from the Health and Safety Executive visited the site on Wednesday morning and an investigation has been started.

John Lidbetter, manager of Gowing and Pursey, said: "An accident happened on Tuesday afternoon and we're unable to comment further, as the incident is being investigated."