WHAT a great result for the Mayoral and council elections!

Way back in May 1997, I wrote in these pages that the Conservative Titanic had sunk and I congratulated New Labour on winning the general election.

Eleven years later I can now say that the Conservative phoenix has risen from the ashes and is ready to govern.

The Conservatives' victories in the council and Mayoral elections have forced Labour to state that they would ask tough questions about David Cameron's policies.

We Tories welcome this because it is about time that the focus shifted away from Labour's failures to Tory solutions.

The people of Hounslow must ask tough questions to Ann Keen, who ran on the basis of doing something about the NHS.

One tough question to ask her is, 'what is the ONE idea you have come up with that Labour implemented to improve the NHS?' I visit doctors and nurses in Hounslow for my work regularly.

I have yet to meet a doctor or nurse who supports Labour's management of the NHS.

They are worried about the proposed changes and their MP is not listening to them.

Ask the tough questions and you will realise why the Tory Parliamentary candidates, Mary Macleod and Mark Bowen, have earned the right to bid farewell to the Keens.

HASAN ALI IMAM International Way, Sunbury.