In the aftermath of the success, plaudits and celebrations of the North West London Somali Cup competition, it is now time for joined up thinking instead of platitudes.

The charismatic Boris Johnson has made an inspired appointment in deputy mayor Reg Lewis - an engaging role model who is also committed to sport in London.

Likewise David Cameron, the Tory leader, has realised the importance of Baroness Warsi and Shaun Bailey MP for Hammersmith, to his team, to reach out on law and order issues.

Any focus that steers impressionable youths from mob rule, on the upper decks of buses and the hassle, menace and scourge on the streets would be an incentive, welcomed by the general public.

The team spirit, work ethic, determination and camaraderie of football cannot be underestimated. Indeed supporting a club instills a personal allegiance.

Many youngsters are attracted by the Christiano Ronaldos and Thierry Henrys and usually the association with the successful, high profile 'top four' evolves from school playground to work canteens to pub.

With refreshing originality some now follow the West Hams, Crystal Palaces, Fulhams, Watfords and even local Wembley FC.

My partisan loyalty was influenced by glamour, charisma, players, the blue and white, and despite a fluctuation in fortunes, it was beyond my wildest dreams to see a Chelsea appearance in a Champions League final.

Countries renowned for excellent facilities, discipline and a winning mentality, such as the USA and Germany, adopt such an approach to whatever it may be, baseball, basketball, football or soccer, athletics, gymnastics and hockey.

Holland, Spain and Brazil encourage more individual creative expression, when a marriage of both coaching mindsets, may endeavour the desired excellence that our national football team desires so much.

The clink as the ball races across a lush outfield toward the boundary, via the willow bat, to polite applause is something quintessentially English, as is the compact raw muscle power of rugby.

To attain a 'joie de vivre' from sport, the performing arts, literature or whatever, whilst channeling the disruptive to stay on the right side of the law can only be a good thing - for everybody.