I HAVE lived in Hartington Road, W13 for nearly three-and-a-half years. I can honestly say that in general, I am very happy with Ealing Council.

My only point of contention is their ever-deteriorating policy for dealing with fly-tipping and lack of any sort of responsibility for the clear area on which the council is supposedly focusing.

Since moving to Hartington Road, it's clear this is a problem area for fly-tipping. Unfortunately it would appear that the council (recently) has

no interest in collecting rubbish dumped on the corner of the service road (behind Tesco).

I find it bemusing that they claim this is not a public place. I appreciate that definitions regarding a public place can vary, dependent on the act to which it refers, but find it frustrating that something so key to the council's current policy is being ignored for their convenience - anyone remember their cleaner streets programme?

I find is amusing that a rubbish and rat-infested corner so close to the Uxbridge Road is being ignored. Would this happen outside the council offices?

It would appear that this corner has been put on the 'too difficult to deal with' pile and only through incessant bullying by local residents is anything done.

On a positive note - I did run over one of the rats from the problem corner rubble en route to work this morning - at least that's one less of them to run for a council seat!


Ealing Via email