THE London Mayor, past and present and the government were partly blamed for the increases in council tax and cuts that have to be made following last week's council meeting.

It was stated that 72 jobs within the council will be axed, with another 200 positions lost over three years.

Surely there are better ways the council can make savings instead of reducing jobs and placing more pressure on the authority.

There are numerous ways it should be thinking smarter.

Looking at its internal resources, why doesn't the council reduce its high earner salaries by two per cent, or review how mail is sent out, by using second class postage instead of first class?

Would it be more feasible to outsource certain internal departments like HR, IT, payroll, facilities/property management?

Or review internal contracts, eg photocopiers, stationery, cleaning, storage costs.

Do the council staff need to be based in Kingston?

The Guildhall buildings are on prime land and locations.

Surely letting or selling off Guildhall 2 or 3 would be a huge saving.

The council needs to start working clever and smarter for the residents of this borough and stop putting the blame elsewhere.