FLIGHT Lieutenant Jack Simon Gustave Crawford was the RAF pilot of Lancaster bomber LM392, which took off from North Killingholme Airfield, 10 miles north-west of Grimsby, flying with No 550 Squadron on a raid to Stuttgart on the night on March 15, 1944. The aircraft was shot down and crashed near the village of Artolsheim, 30 miles from Strasbourg, in France.

The seven graves of the crew members are in Artolsheim Community Cemetery and the local council has plans to renovate the cemetery and erect a memorial to the crew.

The council would like to contact relatives or friends of Flight Lieutenant J S G Crawford to obtain more information and possibly a photograph.

The 1944 records show that his wife, Pauline May Crawford, and his parents, John and Aurelie J Crawford, all lived in Harrow.

Anyone who can provide information or would like to hear more about the Crew Memorial Project is requested to contact:

Jack Harris, Secretary, 550 Squadron Association, 14 Hamilton House, Amherst Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN4 9LQ or call 01892 525 536


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