CONGRATULATIONS Harrow Hill Trust, after 46 years campaigning it has at last obtained 'New Harrow council planning guidelines to protect conservation areas,'as reported in the Harrow Observer on May 1.

Having attended the first meetings of the trust, Harrow Observer readers might be interested in the first front page of The Harrow Hill Trust's magazine,published in May 1963, detailing the Harrow borough council of the time's traffic proposals which were protested against vigorously.

The poster hoardings mentioned on the front page were across the frontage of 51 High Street, Harrow on the Hill - a Victorian edifice built for the Harrow Board of Education offices and the town hall.

The building was later converted into the Elite cinema, which closed in 1939 and was demolished in 1963. Hence the hoardings while the London Steak House and flats above were built.


Former local business member Harrow Hill Trust