A Fulham landlord was ordered to pay back £37,000 after renting out his property without the proper licence.

Rizwan Ahmed rented out a severley run down nine-bedroom house in Fulham Road which had no heating or hot water, dangerous electrics and no floor coverings.

As the property had three floors and was occupied by five or more tenants it was a licensable House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) – a license which Ahmed did not possess.

A Residential Property Tribunal has ordered Ahmed to pay back Hammersmith & Fulham Council a total of £37,404 after they banned him from renting out the property.

He had challenged the council's decision but his appeal was dismissed.

A council spokesman said: "Ahmed's tenants lived in putrid conditions and I am thrilled that the tribunal has told him to repay this £37,000.

"This should be a warning to all landlords to make sure their properties are up to a decent standard and that they have the correct paperwork."