I AM a resident in Hewens Road and am not happy with this proposed new [U7 bus] route.

Did I read that it was only 24 per cent of residents that did agree with it, so what happened to the majority winning?

We have enough traffic jams in this road as it is, with the traffic from students, teachers, parents and many deliveries daily by vans and lorries to the school.

The road is lined with cars both sides every day during school time, and difficult enough to manoeuvre at the best of times.

We also have massive lorries carrying portable buildings from a firm somewhere in Charville Lane constantly up and down the road.

Who on earth thinks that this will reduce the traffic in Hewens Road? - they must be delusional if they really believe that.

Parents will still bring their children to school and collect them, this being for safety reasons, and who can blame them with the violence we all read about in the news daily?

It is not because there is no bus route along the road; the Uxbridge Road bus stop is only a two minute walk from the school, hardly a million miles away.

I hope the comments in this letter are taken on board and not ignored as I suspect they will be. Faith eh?


Hewens Road, Hillingdon.