NO DOUBT AJ Manukyan will always put down all of Ealing's and Acton's failings to the decision not to tear up the Uxbridge Road and lay a highly expensive, highly disruptive tram along the area's main artery, diverting both commercial and non-commercial traffic off it on to residential roads (Gazette letters, November 13).

Mr Manukyan is decades late in expecting shoppers to board a tram with bags and trolleys crammed with goods.

Besides, a tram is only a way of getting to and from shops. Manchester has wide roads which are now one-way. Sheffield's trams serve a shopping centre, and Nottingham is just a town not part of a great metropolis whose roads will stay overcrowded whatever public transport uses them.

Even if the tram system had been built, all it would have done would have been to take shoppers to Westfield a bit quicker than today's buses.

Anyway, in this age of saving the planet and going green, isn't shopping for things we don't really need only increasing pollution, etc?

Whether it is at Westfield or locally, buying less should be the objective.

EC HAYMAN Beaumont Road