IT IS shocking that it has taken transport authorities so long to introduce safety measures at Harrow's most dangerous road junction, at George V Avenue and Pinner Road.

Feet have been dragged during the course of three decades, despite overwhelming statistical and anecdotal evidence that supports introducing life-saving fixes.

This is what the people of North Harrow are asking for. They are taking to the streets to implore Harrow Council to listen.

Not only does the case for change appear compelling, but the solution seems simple and relatively inexpensive - build a pedestrian crossing to allow walkers to get across safely and help prevent drivers turning right and crashing into one another.

Perhaps the bureaucracy at Transport for London and its predecessors, or a fixation with maintaining the smooth running of traffic, has clouded traffic officers' views that this boils down to a life or death change at an accident blackspot.

The placards held aloft at a recent town hall protest by schoolchildren sum up the entire campaign succinctly: "What will it take - a death? Fix it now!"