FRIENDS of the Earth congratulates Stephen Pound MP for backing a call in parliament to bring cheaper and greener transport options to Ealing North.

Transport accounts for a quarter of UK carbon emissions.

More traffic means more congestion, more air pollution and more climate-changing gases.

The solution lies with greener, smarter alternatives to car use, like buses, walking and cycling schemes to get kids to school.

Pilot schemes in Darlington, Peterborough and Worcester have proved successful.

They reduced car trips by almost 10 per cent, and increased walking and cycling trips by up to a fifth.

Friends of the Earth is calling on our government to roll out Smarter Travel Choices across the country.

They will help reduce emissions and provide good value for money for taxpayers - helping to set us on the path to a low-carbon, prosperous future.

ANDY ATKINS Executive director Friends of the Earth