THEY want to be the next Backstreet Boys, and have the backing of the man behind Take That, but on Saturday the up-and-coming boy band Inju5tice kept their feet firmly on the ground by performing at a school fete in Pinner.

The five young lads, who have nearly 6,000 fans on Facebook, are working with local songwriter Glenn Keiles. And it was at his invitation that Inju5tice agreed to perform at West Lodge First and Middle School, where Mr Keiles' daughter Maryasha is a pupil.

"I said to them, before you get too big you should play at my daughter's school fair," the composer told the Observer.

"They said they would love to, and they did a half-hour set of five songs.

"There was a great response."

Mr Keiles teamed up last autumn with legendary pop producer Ian Levine, of Take That fame, to create the boy band. The group then recorded a number of songs at Mr Keiles' home studio in High View.

He said: "I have worked with Ian on a few projects and he came to me about a year ago and asked if I would help put some songs together for an old-fashioned pop band. Nothing R'n'B, just old-fashioned pop.

"We decided to co-write the songs for the band. MustHaveIt Productions put adverts in the papers [for band members] and we wrote, recorded and mixed 16 songs between October and May at my home in Pinner.

"When they came to the studio they were great to work with, very funny. They sing very well and we put a whole album together."

Inju5tice are Luke Whitehouse, Kyle Abo, Matthew Knight, Chris Shalders and Harry Neale. Mr Keiles describes their sound as 'northern soul - slightly more aggressive than Motown'.

On the band's prospect of making it big, he is cautious, but says the potential is there. "We are talking about a home-made outfit but we do have a PR team involved who have worked with Lady Gaga," he said.

"They are costing virtually nothing because they believe these guys will be huge. They were on local radio last week and someone from GMTV approached them on Saturday.

"You hope for things like this; you just have to do your best and hope something will happen. We are astounded. They are not Backstreet Boys yet but they want to be."

To find out more about the band, you can visit their website,, or their Facebook page, .