A husband who pushed his wife down the stairs and battered her with a rolling pin walked free from court last week.

Jobless Herbert Umutyaba, of Pinner Road, Harrow, pleaded guilty to common assault and was sentenced to two months in prison - suspended for 18 months.

Snaresbrook Crown Court, in north east London, heard how tempers flared between 38-year-old Umutyaba and his wife Teddy, 24, on March 5 last year.

Stefan Roy, prosecuting, said: "At some stage, according to Mr Umutyaba, he was having a shower and she threw a mobile phone or remote control at him.

"He then pushed her out of the bathroom and down the stairs. They started struggling at the bottom of the stairs and Mrs Umutyaba's head struck the wall. It is possible that this is how she sustained a blow that caused an injury to her eye."

Mr Roy said Mrs Umutyaba grabbed the rolling pin from the kitchen to defend herself but her husband had snatched it from her during the scuffle.

As a result of the fight the victim received multiple bruising on her face and her back.

During the attack the couple's children, aged three and five, were in the house but did not witness the violence because one was asleep and one was outside.

However, while sentencing Umutyaba, Judge Timothy Lamb QC pointed out that it must have been upsetting for the children anyway.

He said: "The particularly aggravating features of this offence are that, by your own admission, you used a weapon and used that weapon on your wife.

"You also committed this offence while your two young children were present.

"I have no direct information that they witnessed the assault itself, but the aftermath must have been very distressing."

The judge ordered Umutyaba to comply with 18 months supervision in the community and attend an education and training programme to him get a job.