UXBRIDGE Golf Club members are hoping for a positive future after a 'destructive' planning application was thrown out.

Mack Trading, who manage Uxbridge Golf Club, in The Drive, Ickenham, had resubmitted plans to completely re-landscape the course, which members felt would only serve to have a detrimental effect on the course.

During a council meeting Wednesday, a decision was made to refuse the application.

It had caused so much concern among members that they have twice staged protests in recent months, outside Hillingdon Civic Centre and Uxbridge tube station.

Mick Gallagher, a member for 37 years, said: "Our members have said that they would not want to play on the proposed new layout and because the course would not be a full 18 hole course for some five to eight years if the application goes ahead."

The club would be finished after 70 years of existence, he added.

Plans included importing almost 400,000 cubic metres of landfill onto the course, which members estimate would have meant 80,000 lorry movements up and down Harvil Road over a period of three years.

Stephen Browne, former club captain said: "Most people have no idea what 375,000 square metres of landfill looks like. If it was stacked upwards in a column two metres wide it would be 21 times bigger than Mount Everest."

Complaints were levelled about the proposed new layout of the course, which would have seen an outward par nine of 36 and an inward par nine of 32, making for an unbalanced course.

A concern was also raised about the steep slopes proposed, which would have an affect on elderly golfers, and the proximity of a proposed angle of a new hole to neighbouring Uxbridge Skip Hire, which would potentially endanger workers.

Are the club out of the woods yet? There could still be a fairway to go.

The course was damaged by the Harefield-Southall gas pipeline project which has left a number of holes unplayable, and the club is hoping still to see those brought back up to scratch.

The club have said their main aim is to get the course reinstated to its former glory- as soon as possible.

There is also a possibility that the decision could be overturned, as the decision has been referred to The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, the likelihood of him becoming involved would be slim.