STUDENTS from down the ages have paid tribute to former Fulham Cross headteacher Jan Cartwright, who died earlier this month.

Mrs Cartwright qualified as a teacher in 1966 and began working at Henry Compton School in 1973, where she rose to the position of deputy headteacher, before she moved to Fulham Cross as head in 1988.

She retired in April 2005.

Described by the school as a 'passionate advocate of comprehensive education', Mrs Cartwright also taught German and was a lover of art, taking a Masters Degree in her retirement.

A Facebook page of condolence set up by the school before her funeral at Putney Vale on Wednesday (April 17) attracted comments from hordes of her former pupils, many of whom praised her leadership and fairness.

Soos Beirne said: "Such sad news. Mrs Cartwright was a fantastic teacher and an even better headteacher. I will never forget her and the positive impact she had on my life."

Sarah Betts added: "She was an amazing teacher who cared so much for her pupils."

Jax Ryan, writing before the funeral service, said: "I'm sure everyone's thought this, but that means there's two Iron Ladies being buried on Wednesday."

A statement on the school website said: "Mrs Cartwright was a passionate advocate of comprehensive education and worked tirelessly to provide excellent opportunities for the students in her schools. Jan will be deeply missed by staff and former students who worked under her formidable leadership."