I HAVE been following with interest the debate about neighbourhood champions for Harrow as I already report problems to the council.

Given the uneven nature of the responses I get, I can't help feeling that the £100,000 this scheme is going to cost would be better spent in employing a few more council staff.

Some departments are brilliant and deal with queries straight away, but others...

To take one example in March last year, I rang the council because I had seen a horse and rider trip and fall on the bridleway running through Pinner Wood.

The horse had tripped over raised matting which should have been covered by earth and gravel. I was told repairs were due to be made, so I left it at that.

A couple of months later I walked up the path again and noticed that there had been no improvement.

I emailed the council to ask if they could tell me when the remedial work would be undertaken - no response was forthcoming.

So on July 19, I hand-delivered a letter to the civic centre addressed to Brendan Hills, corporate director for community and environment, asking for confirmation that the works would be carried out and if so, when this was likely to be. I still haven't had a reply!

I shall be interested to see if this letter prompts any action - I'd like to find out who at the council is interested enough in local residents' views to actually read the local paper.