A knight in shining armour slapped with a parking ticket as he rushed a sick friend to the doctor's has been ordered to pay up by council bosses.

Ronnie Jennings, 77, had parked partially on the pavement outside the surgery in Pentelow Gardens, Bedfont, while he helped 76-year-old Lily Cayley as she struggled to walk the short distance.

But within moments of guiding her into the surgery at 10am on April 30 the retired shopkeeper was horrified to discover he had been given a parking ticket.

In spite of his explanation, and a letter from the surgery, parking bosses are still demanding Mr Jennings, who survived two vicious attacks by robbers during his 49 years running Jennings' Food Market, in Staines Road, Bedfont, pays the £50 fine.

Miss Cayley, of Northumberland Crescent, Bedfont, who is still undergoing tests at Ashford and St Peter's Hospital for her breathing difficulties, said: "Someone must have been hiding there, waiting. It was pouring and Ronnie was just helping me, I couldn't have done it on my own I really couldn't breathe.

"The road is so narrow and it doesn't go anywhere, everyone parks on the pavement so cars can get past. He got a ticket for helping me, it's terrible."

A council spokeswoman said if Mr Jennings is still unhappy with the council's decision he can appeal to the independent adjudicators at the Parking and Traffic Appeals Service on 020 7747 4700 or by emailing patas.team@patas.gov.uk