RAIDERS ambushed a security guard and stole a cash box outside HSBC in Greenford this morning.

Witnesses say the guard had just put one foot inside the bank in Greenford Road, Greenford when he was attacked.

Arif Nazir, 46, who was walking past the scene, he said: "I saw the robbers run off with the bag down Clifton Road chased by the driver and a man in a suit who I think was from the bank.

"I didn't see their faces or see them snatch the bag because my view was blocked by the security van which had been reversed right up to the bank's door.

"But they were wearing grey jumpers with the hoods pulled right up over their heads. It it looked like they had hurt the driver because he was holding his arm as he ran.

"The driver stopped chasing half-way down the road but the man in the suit carried on chasing them as they turned right and ran around the corner."

The witness added: "It seemed to be a very easy robbery, I don't understand it, they weren't even running very fast after they stole the bag."

Neighbours said the HSBC had been robbed a number of times before, despite not being the only bank on the road.

John Riley, manager of Tote Sport betting shop in Greenford Road, added: "It's probably been done about half a dozen times in the past few years. The last time was a couple of weeks ago. I think it's because it's near the Western Avenue and there are so many different ways they can go."

About four police cars, including an unmarked car, arrived shortly afterwards, as well as an ambulance.

Police left the scene at about 12.30pm but the bank was still closed.

Anyone with information should call police on 0300 123 1212.