The smell of curry has sparked a row between a residents' group and a restaurant.

Householders claim the odour of Indian cuisine wafts into their homes and gardens from the eaterie.

Raw Lasan, in Stanmore Hill, faced a licensing review on Tuesday night after residents complained about the Indian restaurant.

But councillors at the meeting dismissed the residents' complaints as 'frivolous and vexatious' allowing the restaurant to continue trading.

This is not the first time Raw Lasan has kicked up a stink in the area.

In August 2007 the restaurant's licence was reviewed and the owners forced to install odour-neutralising equipment by Harrow Council.

The Little Common Residents' Association claimed the restaurant is not complying with the licensing conditions to prevent odours escaping from the building.

Philippa Finer, co-chairman from the association, said: "Residents are still experiencing daily noxious odour nuisance from these premises.

"The current equipment, which has reduced the odours somewhat, is neither adequate nor acceptable to cope with the strength and type of cooking."

Robert Stone, of Little Common, lives doors away from the venue and can often smell garlic and curry wafting towards his home.

He said: "It's worst around lunchtime, if I'm walking down the street and smell curry it's lovely, but it's last thing I want when I'm sitting in my garden on a Sunday afternoon.

"It's a nice family restaurant and I have eaten there before, but I won't visit it until they deal with the smells."

A resident of Stanmore Hill, who did not wish to be named said: "I don't have a problem with it, sometimes I can smell it but I find I quite enjoyable.

"I think the people that are complaining want to put them out of business."

Pankaj Kothari, director Raw Lasan Limited, said: "We have installed an emitter worth more than £16,000 and are complying with all the health regulations from Harrow Council. It's working efficiently so what else can we do?

"We do everything to ensure the residents at the back are not disturbed. Smell is a subjective matter, it can be offensive to some people and amorous to others."

Council officers inspected the equipment and found it to be in working order.