CHILDREN from the World’s End Estate in Chelseea enjoyed a visit from the prime minister and Princess Anne.

The Princess Royal visited Ashburnham Community School last Wednesday to plant the six-millionth tree of a National Woodland Trust project, and David Cameron helped pupils plant lavender.

During the visit Mr Cameron, who was told by one of the pupils his lavender bush was not straight enough, talked to children about the importance of planting trees and bushes to fight global warming.

After the prime minister planted the bushes with the children he greeted Princess Anne and accompanied her for the tree planting.

Princess Anne, patron of the Jubilee Woods project to plant six million trees, said: “I have to admit that I did not think this was possible.

“But in fact it has been a huge success. And a big thank you to the pupils and future pupils of this school who will look after and enjoy this beautiful cherry tree as it grows.”

Sue Holden, chief executive of the Woodland Trust, added: “What makes this project special is that so many different organisations and landowners have joined forces with the trust to help improve the environment and pay a special tribute to Her Majesty The Queen.

“By working together we have ensured the wooded environment across Britain will be transformed for years to come.”