TRANSPORT police are stepping up patrols on the tube over the summer holidays to discourage teenagers from causing trouble on the tracks.

The patrols will be focused on the Metropolitan Line between Uxbridge and Ruislip, with annual figures finding that disorder and vandalism increases during this time of year.

BTP chief inspector Alex Carson said: "School holidays are usually times when we see an increase in these types of offences as the railway seems to be an appealing place for youngsters to mess around.

"It may seem like harmless fun but in reality trespassing on the railway is extremely dangerous and these offences carry real penalties.

"Tube trains can’t swerve or stop suddenly and the tracks are live with 630 volts of electricity. Anyone who goes onto the tracks or messes around near them is not only trespassing and risking a court appearance; they are putting their lives at risk.

"This summer, officers will be using all the tools at their disposal to ensure every part of the above-ground sections of the Tube can be accessed in quick-time, including mountain bikes, off-road motorcycles and helicopter patrols.

"We want everyone to enjoy their summer holidays but remember that the railway tracks are not a place to be hanging around."