PINNER has already gone down in pop music folklore as the birthplace and childhood residence of Sir Elton John - and a new solo artist is hoping to follow in his footsteps.

Sam Roman lives in Pinner Hill, at the top of Pinner Hill Road where Elton, or Reginald Dwight as he was then known, was born and lived until the age of six.

So perhaps it is unsurprising that one of the 24-year-old's key influences, along with The Beatles, is the Rocket Man himself.

Mr Roman, who releases his new single next week, said: "I live just up the road from where Elton John lived and I always used to pass his house and point it out to my friends. His first gig was the Northwood Hills hotel and that was where I played my first gig as well when I was 13."

He continued: "I suppose subconsciously it has had an effect on me, but even if I had been born in Huddersfield I would have been influenced by him. It is usually Elton John or Billy Joel that I get compared to because I play the piano."

Mr Roman taught himself how to play the piano, and also plays the drums and guitar.

His new song, Man on the Moon, is released on Monday through Soul Sonic Records, a label which the former Orley Farm School pupil set up himself. The song is taken from the forthcoming album, Born to be the King.

"I left school at 16 and got signed by a production company so what was originally planned as a year out became my career," Mr Roman said. "It has been a bit of a journey to get this far. I did an EP when I was 16 and a soul album when I was 18, but only on this album have I found my own sound."

The next few months could see Mr Roman become a regular fixture on radio playlists, as he embarks on a nationwide tour, including several gigs in London.