THE case of Kevin Adcock winning his appeal against parking fines (Hounslow Chronicle, June 25) is great news and should serve as an inspiration for other law-abiding motorists to stand up and fight wrongful penalty fines imposed by the council.

It is heartening, also, that the independent Parking and Traffic Appeals Service (PATAS) has declared this action by the council as wrongful and directed the latter to reimburse the fines to the disabled driver.

The situation of wrongful PCNs slapped on to windscreens in Hounslow - and other London boroughs - by overzealous traffic wardens out to gain maximum 'kills' in a day has worsened, to the extent that law-abiding motorists are up in arms.

I, with strong public support, formed CAP (Campaign for Action against wrongful parking fines), supported so far by more than 500 justifiably irate motorists.

I must thank Hounslow Chronicle for their support in highlighting this issue and must cite another encouraging ruling by PATAS against council highhandedness. This is the case of a lady whose car was wrongly given a PCN in Southall on October 27, 2009, and when the

Ealing Parking Service refused to consider her side of the story, I took up her case and we appealed to PATAS. At a hearing in London, the adjudicator lambasted the council and directed them to cancel the fine - which had gone up from £30 to £100 - for which the enforcement authority was forced to comply with in favour of the appellant.

We doggedly fought the case for seven and a half months and eventually justice prevailed.

For the information of local motorists, I wish to point out that the director of parking services in Hounslow admitted that in 2008, of the 147,000 parking tickets issued by the council, 3,675 fines challenged by motorists had to be cancelled.