A DISGRUNTLED resident took matters into his own hands and confronted a bus driver who he says was relieving himself in a bush used regularly as a toilet by bus staff.

David Bettles, 38, of Hoppner Road, Hayes, caught a driver on his mobile phone camera apparently urinating in public.

Mr Bettles lives near the site and says the shrubbery is used frequently by the drivers.

He said: "It's just disgusting and it has been going on for far too long. My little one walks to and from school and sees these bus drivers going in and out of the bushes.

"Try explaining why that is to a 10 -year-old girl. It's on a path that a lot of schoolchildren use and it's no place for that.

"I have lived here for four years and it has been a persistent problem.

"I have complained to the bus company, the council and the community officers, but nothing has been done.

"There are no facilities so the drivers use this particular spot. All the grass in the immediate area has died, and now it's just a muddy incline up to the place where they go.

"It may be secluded, but it is still a public place; if I was to do that in Hayes town centre I would be slapped with a fine."

Charville Lane estate is the last stop on the 195 route, which runs every 12 minutes and serves Hayes, Southall and Brentford.

The stop is in a remote location and backs on to wooded areas, and buses will often wait there to regulate the service and prepare the bus for the next journey.

Raj Chadha, general manager of the Greenford bus depot, said: "I certainly don't expect any of my staff to be acting in this way whilst on duty.

"It's inevitable that drivers will be caught short during long journeys, and we encourage them to use nearby amenities such as restaurants or cafés when their bus terminates.

"To go in public and use bushes because they are convenient is unacceptable.

"This is something we shall look into further.

"I will be sending out a staff memo reminding our drivers that such behaviour constitutes improper conduct, and the issue will be raised at my next area meeting with London Buses."