SPEEDING cars which have already killed two cats are becoming a major concern for residents who worry a child might be the next to die.

Residents of Victoria Avenue, Hillingdon, have become increasingly concerned about the high speeds which motorists rocket down their street and now want something done about it.

Mother-of-two Jayne Dear-naley, 43, contacted the Gazette after her cat, Molly, was killed last week. Her neighbour's cat was killed in March.

She is worried a child could be knocked over because they use the road to get to school, and she is going to start a petition to highlight their concerns to Hillingdon Council.

She said: "Many a time I've nearly seen people taken out by speeding cars. There's skid marks where two cars were racing down here. It makes me angry.

"It was bad enough when my neighbour's cat got run over and then Molly. Her injuries were horrific. She didn't stand a chance.

"Next time it's going to be a child. We sit and wait for something to happen.

"We would like speed humps or a lower speed limit."

Mary Worrall, head of high-ways and green spaces for the council, said: "The council continues to work with Transport for London, the emergency services and local bodies to regularly review speeding and accidents, to help identify possible measures that could be put in place and to determine priorities for new road safety schemes."

* To raise a road safety issue emailsaferroads@hillingdon. gov.uk or call 01895 556 000.