LIB Dem Councillor Don Jordan's response to my letter (February 19) is full of obscuration, in keeping with the whole Lib Dem record over the High Street.

He now attempts to swing the blame onto the Fountain roundabout, yet much of the 'congestion' (standstill would be a better description) was created by the removal of the Kingston direction bus lay-by, where the 'two lanes giving access to the roundabout' actually bring traffic nose-to-nose whenever the busy bus stop is in use.

Dangerous, and highly so!

The buses, on which many depend, are also seriously delayed by High Street congestion, including the 213, which serves Kingston Hospital.

The pavements are mostly unnecessarily wide, and the removal of the dangerously sited 'four tonne concrete blocks' right down the centre would simply restore common sense and make plenty of space, as it was before the Lib Dems got going and reportedly damaged many businesses by their madcap scheme.