ALL your readers have written about the difficulty in changing trains on the Watford to Brighton line is true,as my sister and I found to our cost when we recently took our elderly mother on holiday from Gatwick.

There being no through-train to get us to check-in on time,we had to change at Clapham, where someone from the Transport Users' Association had said there would be assistance.

Absolutely untrue.With only eight minutes to make a connection I set off looking for help.

When I at last found someone he told me to wait while he went to see what he could do. That was the last we saw of him.

In desperation my sister and I got two cases and hand-luggage across and she waited with that while I went back for mother and hers.

By the time we were all assembled the train had come and gone.

As a result we were late at check-in and had to travel separately in different parts of the plane.

My opinion of the Ministry of Transport, The Transport Users' Association and everyone involved in the decision to stop through trains is zero.

Coming home we waited two hours for a through train because no way would we go through the trauma of changing again.


Cannonbury Avenue Pinner