YOUR report (Kensington and Chelsea News, October 22) on the continuing wholesale change of street furniture is an illustration of the total lack of regard for residents' opinions by the leadership of Kensington and Chelsea Council.

The council has embarked on a makeover of the King's Road, with the emphasis on stainless steel and modern design, which would dramatically change its character.

The King's Road is in a conservation area and most residents do not want it to be given a Harlow New Town look. There has been no public consultation on a matter affecting the environment where residents live.

The replacement programme is a complete waste of public money, as perfectly serviceable lamp standards are being scrapped, along with about 200 expensive purposedesigned bollards. The latter were installed to stop vehicles parking on narrow pavements.

This is a scandalous waste of public money in this recession. The council leader, Councillor Merrick Cockell, says a public consultation is not necessary, as he has talked to his ward councillors and two members of the Chelsea Society.

The chairman of the society is against the council's proposals. Why is Mr Cockell frightened to seek the opinion of those he is supposed to represent? The council is attempting to change the character of the King's Road by stealth. Chelsea residents fought and rejected the council's ill-thought-out proposals for Sloane Square and need to do the same to stop the destruction of the character of the King's Road.

GORDON TAYLOR West London Residents'