A FAMLY are being forced to take two bus journeys just to be able to shower after Hounslow Homes left them without a bathroom for almost a month.

Single mum Nicola Pentony, packs her 10-year-old, one year old and three month old children on to public transport every evening to get from their Brentford flat to her mother's house in Chiswick, just to be able to wash.

Miss Pentony, 29, says she has contacted Hounslow Homes numerous times about her council owned home in Berkley House in Albany Road, however they claim to have "other emergencies".

"I'm absolutely furious," she said. "Even if I was in prison I would be able to have a bath. A worker turned up a couple of weeks ago without so much as a screwdriver and told me a new pump was needed and they would come and fix it as a matter of urgency as it is illegal to leave us without any washing facilities.

"However they just don't turn up and they don't even call to tell you they aren't coming."

One of Nicola's daughters suffers from the skin complaint Eczema, and it is vital she is able to wash daily.

"It is just absolutely appalling, my daughter who suffers from bad Eczema must be bathed and creamed every night. I am at a loss as to what to do, I can't drive and have to take two buses each way to Chiswick just to bathe my children in the dark and cold weather."

Nicola first contacted Hounslow Homes about her plight three weeks ago but it wasn't until being contacted by the Chronicle that Hounslow Homes sent around a maintenance man to repair the broken plumbing system.

However, although the shower now works they have still not repaired the broken shower tray which means Miss Pentony's bathroom is flooded every time the shower is used.

"They've come and fixed the pipe but they haven't stopped it flooding the flat, which was the main problem to begin with. I'm still waiting," sighed Nicola. "They have told me to lodge a complaint with the complaints department to make them come quicker."

A spokeswoman for the housing ALMO said: "The outstanding repair at the Berkely House flat in Albany Road has now been completed."