The mother of a 22-year-old gunned down on the doorstep of a drug dealer's home has spoken about her love for her son - now that his killer has been jailed for 27 years.

David Kerr, of Sherwood Road, South Harrow, was shot four times in October 2006, following a drunken row over a drugs debt.

His killer, Ashley George, 23, a cannabis dealer from Harlesden, was given a life sentence for murder at Southwark Crown Court on Tuesday.

After the sentencing Mr Kerr's mother Leinne said: "David is my eldest son, he was a great son to me. He was reliable and was always there for me, he loved me so much, he would not allow anyone to disrespect me.

"He had just recently met up with his father after so many years apart and had only just met his grandmother and great grandmother whom he was just getting to know.

"He also found out he had another sister he had also just recently met. David was in a long-term relationship with his partner Rachel whom I know was loved very much by David.

"I would like to thank the hundreds of people who have shown their compassion and love towards David.

"I would also like to thank the people who phoned the police and ambulance and who went to David's aid on that day."

Mr Kerr, a trainee carpenter, was heard banging on George's door in Chadwick Road, Harlesden, early on October 14, 2006, following a drunken night out in the Silver Spoon nightclub in South Way, Wembley.

In the lobby outside George's flat, he nade an easy target for the gunman.

He staggered onto the street clutching his chest before dying in a pool of blood on the pavement before an ambulance arrived.

Jeremy Donne QC, prosecuting, said: "Mr Kerr most probably was involved in drugs and there is evidence that he obtained drugs from a supplier at George's address' .

"There is also evidence that he owed money to a supplier and was worried about the consequences of that."

Police went to George's flat and forced entry when no one answered.

They found cannabis, large sums of money and a handgun hidden in a sock.

Inquiries were made into George's whereabouts and he was found at his girlfriend's house in Mitcham on October 20.

Det Supt Scott Wilson, who led the investigation, said: "My txxxghts are with David's family, who have had to sit through this trial and hope this conviction goes some way towards helping them to achieve closure.

"David was in the wrong place at the wrong time and paid with his life. He didn't deserve to die in such circumstances.

"I am pleased the jury has convicted Ashley George and he has received a lengthy sentence."