GRAFFITI artist Matey – perhaps Harrow's answer to the infamous Bristolian guerrilla spray-painter Banksy – has struck again.

The anonymous illustrator was responsible for a number of tongue-in-cheek or irreverent murals that appeared on walls in West Harrow and Harrow town centre last November.

They were of pigeons in overalls, cats with paintbrushes or a policeman smoking a marijuana joint. In one, he had sprayed the words: 'I'm an artist, not a vandel'. (sic)

Eagle-eyed West Harrow resident – and Matey fan - Jane Prince came across a new work in a passage between Station Road and Lyon Road on Saturday (Feb 27).

She said: "We were out with friends this evening when I spotted these two works of art; the more professional, funnily enough, was in the alleyway right next to where the Harrow Observer used to be based and the other was at the top end of the same alleyway."