RUNNING a marathon is a challenge enough for most but one runner took it up a notch by wearing a Fuller's beer bottle costume.

Mark Herbert, a drayman at Fuller's Chiswick Brewery, agreed to run the marathon wearing the costume to raise money for charities which support his nephew.

This was the third year in a row the 31-year-old has run the London Marathon, and also the second time he has run it dressed in a giant beer bottle.

Mr Herbert - who runs with the Richmond based Ranelagh Harriers running club - managed to finish the marathon in 4:45:28 and also raised £1,400 for local children's hospice Shooting Star Chase and specialist primary school, Sunshine House School and Children's Home in Northwood.

Both charities are close to his heart as they have helped his nephew who has a severe neurological disorder called microcephaly, which means his brain has not developed properly.

He said: "I entered the marathon to raise money to help my nephew, but when the guy who was meant to be wearing the beer bottle dropped out I decided to take it over as I ran it wearing the beer bottle in 2011.

"I'm a keen runner so was aiming to finish it in under four hours. I managed to get to the half way point in two hours but the last 17 miles were really difficult as I'm quite short so the costume restricted my leg movement quite a bit and I had to take smaller steps which was very tiring.

"The costume was really hot after the first seven miles and I couldn't reach my mouth with my arm so had to pull water bottles inside the suit which wasn't easy.

"The crowds were brilliant and there were a bunch of other Fuller's guys running with me and people from my running club were there to support. It was fun doing it in the beer bottle but next year I think I'll do it without and try to get a good time."