Ballots are being counted at Richmond College following a huge turnout in the Twickenham and Richmond Park parliamentary elections. Reporter Helen Clarke is live at the scene.

5.55am: Zac Goldsmith captures Richmond Park for the Conservatives, with 29,000 votes, evicting incumbent Lib Dem Susan Kramer who polled 25,000.

5.48am: Lib Dem treasury spokesman Vince Cable is re-elected in Twickenham with 32,000 votes, some 12,000 more than his closest challenger, Conservative Deborah Thomas.

5.04am: UKIP candidate for Twickenham is taken away from the count in an ambulance.

5am: Serge Lowrie, Liberal Democrat leader of Richmond Council, says the vote is "not looking good" for Susan Kramer's bid for re-election as Richmond Park MP. He says it will be a "tragedy" for the Lib Dems to lose the Richmond seat to Conservative Zac Goldsmith.

4.14am: Geoffrey Samuel, deputyleader of Conservative party. Was first elected 53 years ago, this is his 19th election and said it's the tightest he's ever known. Said the locals have been overshadowed by the general election and expects a lot of people to vote according to whoever they've voted for in the general election.

4.14am: Eleanor Tunnicliffe, Labour candidate for Richmond Park said she was happy with how things were going so far. At the last election Labour received 9.3 per cent of the vote and she'd be happy with that. Said her role in this election had been to make sure her party's voters were reached.

4.08am: Jemima Khan has arrived to oversee the count with her brother, Conservative candidate Zac Goldsmith. High turnout - approx 74 per cent in Twickenham, 76 per cent in Richmond Park.

3.21am: If local election counting goes on past 9/10am Richmond Council chief executive Gillian Norton says they'll call it a day and start counting again from 6pm tomorrow. Nick True, leader of Tory council opposition says Mortlake and South Richmond are some wards "looking good" but Twickenham Riverside very close.  He said: "I'm very nervous. I always find watching the votes in very humbling - I get a tingle. It's now that you're reminded who's the master and who's the servant." Is expecting to see the "Vince Cable effect" in Twickenham wards.

3.18am: Twickenham Riverside the hot seat in council election - Lib Dems have always maintained it's a key election issue, and looks to be back firing on them. David Trigg, Lib Dem, Cabinet member for transport, said his Twickenham Riverside ward is looking very close. If win will be with a much smaller majority than last year. Said in hindsight the Lib Dems might have handled the riverside issue differently and that voters seem to be airing their views at the ballot box.

2.33am: Deborah Thomas, Tory candidate for Twickenham says she expects a "real swing" toward Tories in Twickenham. "People in Twickenham want a good, local MP and Vince's absence in local issues such as Twickenham Riverside and Regal House has been noticed." Said she'd witnessed voters queuing around the corner in St Margarets, with tellers struggling to keep up. Said she fears some people may not have been able to vote.

2.30am: Extra ballot box found so votes still being verified. Huge queues at polling stations in Twickenham reported. Turn out said to be massive.

2.30am: Zac Goldsmith arrives to dozens of photographers waiting. No Vince Cable or Susan Kramer yet. Says he's happy with his clean, honest campaign but it's to early to speculate on results. Reaction has been "very positive" he says.  Family coming to support him later this morning.

2.15am: Robert John Tasker, a Tory council candidate in Richmond Park, speaking to us at about 2.15am. "At the moment it is still pretty close but it is very early in the day. Nationally we have only gained three seats. I have said all along I am quite confident about Zac's chances and the turn-out is huge. We have fought a lot of very sensitive issues to with our residents both in the Richmond borough and North Kingston mostly campaigning about the Richmond car parking charges, making sure we keep the maternity unit and the A&E open at Kingston Hospital.

"Conservative Government has pledged that if it comes in it will protect the hospital, the Liberal Democrats can't guarantee that. A huge local issue for us is campaigning and exposing the Lib Dems as having the highest council tax in London. What's most important for us in North Kingston in terms of Kingston Council is to encourage an entrepreneurial and private sector ethos in the council which simply doesn't exist in the Kingston Borough or the Richmond Borough."

1.40am: Zac Goldsmith ahead in Richmond Park as of 1.40am. Vince Cable ahead in Twickenham.

1.30am: Labour candidate for Twickenham, Brian Tomlinson, said Twickenham Riverside issue was a key door step concern in the area. Said he was pleased to see Labour votes coming in and that he was happy with his campaign. "It looks like the votes are holding up. Our key priority in Twickenham has been to promote our national policies - to make people realise that without the Labour government they wouldn't have seen the improvements to our high streets they have seen. I think it's been important for people to see that I've not been afriad to be independent of Labour policies - I've spoken out against Heathrow and parking charges in Bushy Parks." Said he was exhausted but would do it again.

12.56am: Richmond Park declaration not expected until 5.30am - original estimate was 3am. Apparently it's 50/50 between Zac Goldsmith and Susan Kramer at the moment.