READERS have raised many unanswered questions about the council's plans for Ruislip Lido.

So far, the officers of Ruislip Lido Railway Society have not received details of the plan.

If and when we receive the details they will be considered and our response will be sent in, in the same way as the responses from the local residents and others affected. In the meantime, I can confirm the Ruislip Lido Railway, which is a voluntary society, can keep going in its present form without any council funding.

The railway received substantial help many years ago. However, this year the only council funding has been a grant of £2,000 from the ward funding monies.

More than a year ago, it was suggested that we applied for Chrysalis funding. It is not known if this will be forthcoming, but we would not wish to receive such funding if it would deprive more deserving organisations of vital funding to keep going.

GRAHAM J LEE Honorary treasurer Ruislip Lido Railway Society

Via email