I HAVE to take issue with the unconsidered comments made in the Gazette by persons supporting the council's Ruislip Lido proposals (Lido is an asset to us in every way, Letters, March 3).

Firstly, to suggest that the lido is a mess, is horrible and likely to fall into disrepair is an insult to the responsible council employees and the efforts of the Friends of Ruislip Lido (FORL).

Between them, the two groups have achieved several enhancements to the area; the only mess being the litter deposited by an uncaring public.

The FORL volunteers frequently assist with litter clearance and other beneficial work.

Any further lido development may include some CCTV but will not, I believe, provide 24/7 patrolling wardens.

Additional lighting should be minimal. The potential for vandalism therefore will remain mostly unchanged; indeed the proposed boating and swimming facilities and remote woodland centre could be additional targets.

The proposals do not amount to 'a large project', and to suggest that they would have a serious 'beneficial effect on the local economy' is ludicrous.

If the general public in wider Hillingdon are canvassed for their opinion on the proposals, of course they would be in favour; they would mostly be unaware of any potential impact on the local environment.

Lastly, to accuse the residents of the Reservoir Road area of nimbyism is unfair.

They already suffer aggravation from visitors' road traffic, and extra car parking will only attract more vehicles and inconsiderate drivers. Unfortunately, regular patrolling of the area would and should be a low priority for the police.

Councillor Jenkins is reported as saying that 'the council will be carrying out an Environmental Impact Assessment'.

I hope that really means an independent EIA will be commissioned to evaluate the effect of any proposals on all elements of the lido and surrounding woodland.

BRIAN GRISDALE Eversley Crescent