DESPITE claims by the Lib Dems, the vote in the House of Lords on the issue of car parking charges in Richmond Park was a huge success.

The Conservative amendment in the House of Lords calling on the government to withdraw the proposed charges was supported by a huge margin - almost 2-1.

This is the very best result possible, and it will be difficult for the government to ignore.

The Lib Dems had put forward a different type of amendment - a so-called 'fatal amendment'. But there was never any possibility that the Lords would support a fatal amendment to deal with such a local issue because they are so extreme.

That's why fatal amendments have only been used three times in history. The unelected Lords do not veto decisions of the elected parliament. If they did, there would be an outcry.

The Lib Dem plan was never meant to succeed. It was a politically divisive gesture - another example of kindergarten politics that can never help residents.

Contrary to the Lib Dem press releases, if it hadn't been for the Conservatives, the government would have won outright.

Now we need to win the election so that we can fulfil our promise to scrap the plans.

ZAC GOLDSMITH Conservative PPC Richmond Park and North Kingston