NIGEL Brooks' comment that the proposed skate park will take around 20 per cent of Elthorne Park space is somewhat misleading, especially for those who are not familiar with this park.

As a matter of fact, Elthorne Park is attached to, and it is an integral part of, the Brent River Park one of the biggest areas of open land in London.

He also, quite rightly, says in his letter the fact that parks are 'multi-use open spaces'. As such, they do provide enjoyment and entertainment to people of all ages.

We accept the fact that we can have pitches for those who enjoy football, cricket, bowling or tennis.

All parks have play areas that cater for the younger children and everyone seems to be happy when they get refurbished and more facilities are added to this.

Yet, when it comes to facilities that cater for older children, no one wants to know.

Mr Brooks also makes reference that a more central location of the borough would be more appropriate for the skate park.

However, he does not indicate where this should be. The problem is that whichever site is going to be proposed for this facility, it is going to be regarded as unsuitable by some residents.

Everyone seems to agree to we need more facilities for teenagers in order to get them out of the street and having them engaged in positive activities, rather than getting into trouble.

However, all this is well as long, as these facilities are nowhere near where we live.

CORIN VESTEY via email